What chess will look like for the rest of the year

Hey everyone, hope your all doing well! 

I am writing this post to talk about what the rest of the year will look like for chess. As we are now in the summer months, I can understand that more people will want to enjoy time outdoors in the better weather. This is why, I have made changes to the tournament schedule for July and August. 

Instead of having a blitz and rapid tournament every month like we usually do, the club will now have three spaced out events over July and August; one blitz, one rapid, and one classical tournament. The dates for these events are already posted on the website, so you can go check it out under the tournaments tab. The link for the blitz tournament has already been made available to access on the tournament schedule and on the Lichess.org club page, so you can pre-register for it as well.

Over these past months, we’ve had several blitz and rapid tournaments, but have never hosted a classical tournament. This will be a much longer event with longer games. If people like this type of event, then we can host classical events more frequently. Also, if club members have any preferences for tournaments, or any new ideas, please let us know! Send your preferences/ideas through the contact form above or in the comments below. 

In September, we will resume with the two monthly blitz and rapid tournaments. Hopefully by then, over-the-board chess tournaments and club meetings will be able to resume as more people become vaccinated. If OTB chess cannot be resumed, then the club will continue with the monthly online blitz and rapid tournaments until OTB chess can be re-established safely. In Newfoundland and Labrador specifically, there have been discussions regarding hosting over-the-board tournaments and regular club meetings with proper restrictions put in place. In other provinces, this has already been successfully established. 

Thanks for reading! If you have any questions, please send a message! 

Tanish Bhatt,

Chess Buddies Canada