Ratings are a new feature in Chess Buddies Canada. Players obtain a rating from participating in tournaments regularly hosted by the club. Ratings are based on a player’s performance, which is shown at the end of a tournament on Lichess.org. The average performance rating from each tournament will be a club member’s rating.

For example, if Player Y has a performance rating of 1200 in rapid tournament #1, a performance rating of 1500 in rapid tournament #2, and a performance rating of 1800 in rapid tournament #3, then Player Y’s Chess Buddies Canada rapid rating would be 1500.

Performance ratings will tend to be more accurate than a player’s Lichess.org rating, so your club rating may be a bit lower or higher than your Lichess.org account ratings. This is normal. 

If a player registers for an event and is not online, then this will significantly affect their rating, especially if they are higher rated on Lichess.org. This is why, it is important to play if you have registered, and if you cannot play, withdraw to prevent this from happening. 

You can view your blitz and rapid ratings from the new Chess Buddies Canada Member Directory. Each player who has participated in a blitz or rapid tournament is hyperlinked to their Player Profile, where players’ ratings and stats are shown!

If you have any questions regarding the new rating system, please don’t hesitate to contact us using the contact form above.