You might be wondering why you should play chess. What benefits does the game bring? Here are five reasons why you should try to learn and play the game:

1. Chess can help you improve your memory and intelligence!

Chess involves memorizing and remembering key ideas to play the game. This helps players to develop a stronger memory compared to people who have never played chess. Not only this, but chess helps to increase intelligence. The game is all about making careful well-thought decisions. Thus, chess players are able to solve challenging problems and are able to respond to them swiftly.

2. Chess can help you develop better planning skills!

The game is all about planning and strategizing your moves to defeat your opponent. Many skilled chess players often think one to two moves in advance and attempt to predict every possible move their opponent can make to stage a counterattack. Playing chess will help you develop and strengthen your planning skills, allowing you to make tougher decisions more easily in life.

3. Chess can help prevent Alzheimer’s Disease!

Chess is a game that utilizes both hemispheres of the brain, which doesn’t happen very often. If the brain is not exercised properly, then it will become weaker, just like every other muscle in the human body. Chess helps the brain to exercise as the game requires the full utilization of it. This means that chess players are at much lower risk to get Alzheimer’s Disease.

4. Chess can help improve reading skills!

According to a 1991 study conducted by Dr. Stuart Marguiles, young chess players scored better on reading tests compared to students who didn’t play chess. Chess is all about comprehension and reading the board, so it can have a big impact on reading skills for all ages.

5. Millions of people play chess is around the world!

Millions of people worldwide play the game! People establish great friendships by playing chess. So what are you waiting for?


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