Fall 2021

For Fall and Winter of 2021, Chess Buddies Canada will resume hosting two monthly tournaments on Lichess.org. The only requirement for these tournaments is to join the Chess Buddies Canada Lichess.org Team. Haven’t joined the team yet? You can do so by clicking here!

To view the schedule of tournaments, click on the “Upcoming Events” tab under the tournaments drop down menu. To view the previous tournaments and champions, click on the “Previous Tournaments” tab.


To maintain fun and fair events, Chess Buddies Canada has four simple rules:

  1. Please note that the use of external assistance during these tournaments is prohibited. Players are not allowed to use any chess books, engines, etc. If you believe an opponent is cheating during a tournament game, you can report them to Lichess.org moderators and/or report them to a tournament director. If a player is caught cheating during an event, they will risk removal from the club.
  2. Please make sure to be respectful and kind during all club events. Players who consistently use hurtful or inappropriate language will risk removal from the club. If you decide to use the chat feature, please be kind to other participants.
  3. Streaming is allowed during these events. If you are interested in streaming your games during tournaments, please let a tournament director know prior to the event. Please keep your stream appropriate and avoid using hurtful language. If your opponent is streaming, you should avoid watching their stream as they may be discussing strategy and moves.
  4. Have fun and enjoy!